Thursday, 12 January 2017

Tips for Digital Painting

Tips for Digital Painting:
1. Start with a sketch
Draft out your idea, considering composition, possible colours and lighting as you go. It’s important to sketch until you’re satisfied, as a strong sketch will likely make for a strong outcome.
2. Block in elements
Basic round brushes are ideal for blocking in shapes and areas of colour. Consider the light source as you work and apply tone accordingly. Use the Colour Picker often to grab colours and blend as you go by hitting Opt/Akt
3. Blend with Smudge
Make quick and easy work of blending with the Smudge tool. Custom brushes or basic round brushes can be used for this. Alter the settings of the brushes to enhance the strength of your preference.
4. Layer it up
Create a new layer for each additional element used (namely skin, hair and jewellery). This separation will enable you to make changes to areas that overlap other layers without disturbing them.
5. Consider custom brushes
Create custom brushes to add unique textures to your image. Ideas for this are limitless; a multi-lined brush can make delicate locks of hair in a single stroke, and dotted brushes can add texture to skin.
6. Harness your lighting
Used carefully, the Lighting Effects filter under Render enables you to assign a number of lights. From Spotlights to Soft Omni lighting, the properties of the light source are adaptable to take into account the texture of the subject.
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