Thursday, 12 January 2017

Animation Institute Kanpur - Join Today.

Animation Institute Kanpur is an Coaching Center that provides a unique learning environment conducive to artists. We offer you courses that evolve with the emerging trends so you are well prepared for tomorrows.
3D Animation course is specifically designed for students who are interested in a finishing school. If you are the kind who loves to give life to characters through movement then its time to gear up for the journey of character animation. VFX is the invisible art that makes the digitally created artwork seem real to the audience. In VFX course teaches Particle Simulations, Fluids, Scripting, Match Moving, Rotoscoping, Camera Tracking, Digital Matte Painting, Green Screen Keying and Digital Compositing. Film Making course begins with study of traditional art like Figure drawing, Painting, Anatomy study and Sculpting with inclination towards design for Feature Films.
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