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Maac Animation Kanpur

Maac Animation Kanpur - Animation Institute Kanpur

Maac Animation is the one of the reputed institutes of Kanpur. Maac Animation Kanpur is a foremost 2d & 3D Animation Coaching Institute in Kanpur. Our main focus is to delivering high demand career courses at affordable fees. As we know nowadays animation industry opened countless career choices to students and working people ahead. Our Animation Institute Kanpur follow incredible teaching methodology that helps the student to achieve their dream jobs. 
We are offering various Animation courses, certification courses & short term courses. Students who have completed 12th from any discipline can join this course to make their career in animation and VFX Courses after 12th. Those who are looking for a 1 year course can join our 3D animation course to learn and master the art of 3D animation and VFX. The graphic design and animation programme equips students for a wide range of careers in the industry such as publication design, advertising design, animation, broadcast design, interactive design and illustration. So join our Animation Courses in Kanpur!

Friday, 15 December 2017

Best 3D Animation Software

Best 3D Animation Software

Today 3D Animation has become popular with more and more professional animators opting to do 3D work, either in films or for short videos. It can be a great way to truly show off your talents as a digital artist. 3D animation is slowly, but surely becoming the norm with many of the leading production companies in the States and Europe, setting the bar high in terms of animation quality. We’ll be examining some of the more obvious choices for professional animators and exploring some of those applications. If you’re coming from a more traditional animation background, then it’s recommended you spend sometime using other creative software packages such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc. to get a feel for how such software can aid you in the design process.

3D Studio Max

3D Studio Max is another well recognized name within the industry. This software is commonly used in video game development, and has been used in the product of well-known games such as Grand Theft Auto and GameCube. 3D Studio Max is also starting to be used more and more in film productions, as it has powerful controls over dynamics and shading as well as realistic lighting.

Maya 3D

For the next level of users, Maya 3D is something that presents outstanding opportunities for animation work. A great deal of the work we see on our cinema and TV screens has been produced via Maya 3D including Spider-Man, Lord of the Rings to name but a few. Maya 3D is an extremely powerful software tool, and even top 3D animators continue to learn and progress their skills from using it. Maya 3D will take you through the full 3D effects spectrum, from a world of paint affects, rendering and a plethora of animations.

Blender 3D

Blender 3D was released in 1995 by the Blender foundation. It was created for everyone and was released as a free software for animators. Their site is also full of resources for beginners and experts and the community is warm and friendly with a lot of great insight and tips.
Blender’s has the following features:
  • 3D modeling
  • Rigging
  • UV unwrapping
  • Texturing
  • Animating
  • Skinning
  • Particle simulation
  • Smoke simulation
  • Camera tracking
  • Soft body simulation
  • Fluid
  • Built-in game engine
  • Match moving
  • Compositioning
  • Video editing
  • Rendering

Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash remains today one of the most popular animation software packages on the market, particularly when it comes to web animation and people who want to get started with animation design. For many years websites have chosen to integrate flash into their designs to add to the professional quality of the website.
Most browsers today fully support applications of Flash, however it can still remain problematic for people using Apple devices. Indeed, one of the cons of animators using Flash is the lack of compatibility with Apple devices, so more and more designers are looking to HTML 5 as an effective solution to this problem.
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Friday, 8 December 2017

Best Animation Institute In Kanpur

Best Animation Institute In Kanpur

Maac Animation Kanpur is a leading institute with a focus on providing high end media and entertainment training. Animation Institute Kanpur offers one of the best Animation Courses in Kanpur. We offer job-oriented animation courses in Kanpur and it is reflected in our tie-ups with some of the most prestigious institutions and experts from across the world. In a market that is saturated by animation trainers, Maac Animation Institute Kanpur is the Best Animation Institute in Kanpur in terms of placement record and the training offered.
Maac Animation Kanpur is focus on providing high end media and entertainment training & related services. Animation Academy Kanpur gives practical training in 3D Animation & 2D Animation, Visual Effects & Graphic designing Courses. We offer a Career Specialization courses in 3D Animation & Visual Effect. Training is provided for all 3D animation software’s like Maya, Autodesk 3Ds, Fusion, Mudbox, Adobe Audition etc. Our VFX course in kanpur will make you fundamentally and technically a successful VFX artist.