Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Basic Elements of Design

Creating beautiful Graphics design is about more than inspiration or a great idea, it’s about understanding the fundamentals of the subject. Clear the Basic Elements of Design with MAAC Animation Institute in Kanpur. Maac Animation Kanpur is an excellent and professional institute for best Graphic Designing. Maac Institute is offering highly creative and advanced training as per the industry need. It is the only institute in kanpur which provides proper training in graphic designing with a special focus on pre-press, post-press, and sketching classes. 

Basic Elements of Design

Take one part color, a pinch of texture, and a whole lot of shape and the result will be some well designed graphic design.


Lines, in graphic design, can be used for a wide range of purposes: stressing a word or phrase, connecting content, creating patterns and more.


Colour is used to generate emotions, define importance, create visual interest and unify branding. See our post on Colour Psychology for more detail.


Texture relates to the surface of an object. Using texture in graphic design adds depth and visual interest. This can be applied graphically in the form of pattern or through the choice of printable surface.


In graphic design, size is used to convey importance, attract attention and create contrast.


The three basic shape types are Geometric (Circles, Squares, Triangles etc.), Natural (leaves, trees, people etc.) and abstract (icons, stylisations and graphic representations). Use carefully to create a visually pleasing design and eye-catching design.


A vital part of any good graphic design, Space is the area around the elements in a design. It can be used to separate or group information. Use it effectively to give the eye a rest, define importance and lead the eye to where you want it to travel.


Value is how light or dark an area looks in a design. It is everything from the darkest of blacks through to the brightest of whites. Used correctly it will create depth, contrast and emphasis.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Animation institute

MAAC Animation Kanpur is a leading and best Animation institute for film production and visual arts. Best Animation Colleges Kanpur developed program to provide knowledge in 3D Animation. It covers Fundamentals of Art and Design after which students are exposed to detailed 3D module.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

MAAC Animation Institutes in kanpur

MAAC Animation Institutes in kanpur

Animation Institutes in Kanpur are the hot favorites animation coaching among youngsters these days. Creativity is an important skill needed for admission to a 3D animation institute in Kanpur.  MAAC Animation Institute of Design is a popular name when it comes to top multimedia institutes in the thought of students of Kanpur. MAAC Animation School is popular for admission to an animation course in KanpurMultimedia courses in kanpur provide the excellent opportunity for the candidates to practice separately. After completion of graphics design course from a graphics design institute in Kanpur, they can start their business. After completing of a course from Animation Institute in Kanpur, candidates are placed in VFX studios. MAAC Animation Institute offers best animation courses in kanpur for careers in 3D AnimationVFXFilmmakingGamingWeb Design and Graphics DesignMAAC Animation Institutes kanpur provides quality education through career-oriented courses, leading to top-notch best job placements.