Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Animation Training Center in kanpur

Animation Training Center in Kanpur

Take your skills to the next level and make your passion for animation a career reality. Maac Animation institute Kanpur helps you develop your skills & build a professional work portfolio. With sharp skills and the right training, you can work in animation studios, gaming companies, television channels, advertising agencies & film production companies, and have a high-paying career. Our Animation Courses includes storyboarding, pre-production, animating, character design, modelling and rigging. Our Animation program is the ideal choice for those who desire to make their own animation, create original 3D models, and ultimately complete an original 3d animation film.

2d Animation Course in Kanpur

2D Animation is the process of creating the illusion of motion and shape change by means of the rapid display of a sequence of static images that minimally differ from each other.

  • Basic Drawing
  • Digital Painting
  • 2D Character Creation
  • Props Animation
  • Character Animation
  • Environment Creation

3d Animation Course in Kanpur

3D animation is the most prompt expanding areas of technical, creativity and development. If you are creative, energetic and passionate about animation, you can deserve your career you will love and you will get the knowledge, skills and industry expertise to get qualified position in film and TV.

  • Character Modelling
  • Lighting & Texturing
  • Rigging & Animation
  • Particle FX (Dynamics)
  • Rendering

VFX Course in Kanpur

Visual effects is used to describe any imagery created, altered, or enhanced for a film or other moving media which cannot be accomplished during the live-action shooting. 
VFX Syllabus

  • Compositing Workspace
  • Green/Blue-Screen Removal
  • Rotoscope &Wire Removal
  • Basic Tracking
  • Camera Tracking
  • Advanced Film Techniques

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