Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Join Animation Training Institute Kanpur

Welcome to our Animation Training Institute known as MAAC ANIMATION INSTITUTE KANPUR, the industry’s leading provider of production-based training programs in animation and game development. MAAC Animation Training Institute is provides talent and production services to animation studios, production houses, advertising agencies, architectural firms, technology companies, and corporations. Maac Animation Institute plays a vital role in the animation industry by offering specialized training programs in animation, game design and development which bridges the gap between traditional academic learning and the level of skills required by the animation industry. Our mission is to cultivate and nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of creative people and make them extremely successful using the medium of animation. We specialize in animation training as well as 3D animation courses, VFX Course, Graphics Design Courses and game development courses.
This course provides students with the advanced knowledge in principles of animation. The student will learn concepts such as squash and stretch, timing, path of action, anticipation, action-reaction, weight, volume, and staging. Animation course will also develop the student's animation design sense, with exercises in character design. Student will also learn technical skills to produce animation, such as how to flip and draw, and how to film animation using Light boxes & using punch sheets. Skills learned will be applied throughout the Animation Program.

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