Friday, 9 June 2017

Why to join animation course?

Why to join animation course

Animation is a new trending career for the creative people. Animation is a combination of art and technologies. Maac animation Kanpur is one such college that offers animation course in kanpur. Animation Institute Kanpur is one of the best and oldest MAAC centre. MAAC Animation Center Kanpur has been the premier provider of training in the growing & exciting field of 3D Animation & VFX in Kanpur.

Some of the interesting facts about Indian animation Industry:

  1.   Dadsaheb Phalke is the first Indian animator also known as father of Indian cinema.  
  2.   Clair Weeks, a Disney studio animator was invited to train animators for the first ever animation studio in 1956.
  3.  The first animation film in India was in 1957, The Banyan Deer.

we at MAAC Animation Institute Kanpur provides with the best knowledge and career opportunities. Candidates completing 3d animation courses successfully are in for a vast opportunity to test their skills and knowledge. The entertainment industry in India comprising films and television are among the leading in the world and a testing zone for aspiring animators. To learn more visit:

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