Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Maac Animation Institute Kanpur

Maac Animation Institute Kanpur was an initiative is taken to train and educate young minds for excellence in the field of animation. Animation Institute Kanpur provide knowledge in 2D animation and 3D Animation. Our aim is to make minds more creative with the industry. 
Admission to Maac Animation Institute Kanpur is a learning process. Here Animation Institute Kanpur encourage you to challenge your assumptions, acquire new skills, examine unfamiliar possibilities, imagine unexpected opportunities and, most of all, to assume responsibility for yourself and for the world of animation. Animation Center Kanpur invite you to turn your potential into a real capacity to become the future leaders of the creative field.
At Animation College Kanpur we strongly believe that excellence in both teaching & research are the twin objectives that shape the activity of our students and faculty. Our professional aim to provide all our students a challenging learning environment. Learning experiences at Maac Animation Kanpur is shaped by present teaching methodologies and excellent environment that promote teamwork and collaboration.

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